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Opening Public Classes

by Marcus
Posted on 24 May, 2010

Opening Public Classes

Here's the situation:

1) I don't have students I can invite immediately.
2) My offline job requires me to be available on a flexible schedule. This means I have a default schedule, but with only 1 week working with them, they have already canceled and rescheduled classes on me a few times.
3) Because of 1 and 2, I need a platform to allow me to open a public class like a private class, anytime. Right now, public classes are only open after 24 hours after they are scheduled.
4) It would make more sense to allow teachers to schedule and manage these things without approval from WiZiQ. I could be teaching now, but instead I am typing this message.

If you are a student and want a lesson, I am sorry, but I am trying to open a class now. The next time I could schedule is Friday, but I don't know if my offline school will schedule me on Thursday or not to teach on Friday.

The only other solution I see is to schedule classes whether or not I can attend them. I feel this looks bad on the teacher, but that is how WiZiQ has it set up. I am trying to avoid this.

by Harman Singh posted on 28 May, 2010

Sorry for the late reply. I think you are right about this - we should let teachers operate public classes the way they do private classes.
The only reason we didn't do this earlier was because we saw many teachers were missing public classes, causing frustration among the students. So to keep a check on it, we implemented right controls.
But to handle such situation, there should be other measures. We will be opening up public classes pretty soon.

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