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WiZiQ will soon launch "The All New Virtual Classroom "

by Kapil Mehta
Posted on 28 April, 2010

Within few weeks we will be launching our new virtual classroom. We have already started training our teachers on it and will be conducting more sessions to display the new interface that would very soon replace the old Virtual Classroom. As we near the Premier, so has the intensity of our demos on new V.C. Starting 29th April till it is flagged open for everyone we will be conducting 2 workshops daily, one in the morning 11 AM IST (05:30 AM GMT) and 9 PM IST (03:30 PM GMT). We strongly recommend please let us know if you need a personalized demo. We would love to walk you through it.

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by Benjamin Stewart posted on 28 April, 2010
I look forward to the launch!
by Lori H. Lorenz posted on 28 April, 2010
Have any classes been scheduled yet? I am keen to see it
by Prof B L Raina posted on 28 April, 2010
Very eagerly wayting for sceduling a session on the new vertual class
Change is always better.
by Almuhajer E-learning posted on 30 April, 2010
I'm interested to attend a demo class on how to use the new virtual class room, may I join one on Sunday or Tuesday morning?
Nadia Atya
by Raman . posted on 29 April, 2010
Glad to know about the launch of VIRTUAL CLASSROOM with new additional features useful for effective online teaching.
Best Regards to WiZiQ.
by Arabic classes Dalia Safwat posted on 01 May, 2010
When is the next demo class on how to use the new virtual class room?
by Andrea Maoro posted on 02 May, 2010
2 workshops daily, one in the morning 11 AM IST (05:30 AM GMT) and 9 PM IST (03:30 PM GMT).
Based on information provided by " Shivani Vadehra Technology Trainer" equal to Singapore time: 1:30 PM and 11:30 PM.
Duration: The class would be scheduled for a maximum of 60 minutes with an added extension of 20 minutes, if required.
My case: 14:00 I have to attend to my office story.
23:30 is the time to go to regenerate my main with a good sleep.
I requested: To have a slot at 21:30 Singapore time any day of the week 19th with exclusion of Tuesday?

No replay till now 02May10 time 21:02

My 2 cents....
be flexible based on the learner location....
last NOT DESIDERATA.... solution, provide the class registration.

from Singapore the pearl of Asia
Andrea(mr) Maoro http://www.lamarstone.tel/

by George Machlan posted on 03 May, 2010
My favorite edupreneur blogger, Kirsten Winkler has done the first review online concerning the new release. you may wish to visit and comment. She has been a long time supporter of WIZIQ and has developed a very sophisticated style of presenting the world of online education.

Link to review
by George Machlan posted on 01 May, 2010
drop a line to support@wiziq.com

I will also cover a little of the new VC in my Sunday "Welcome to WIZIQ" meetings.
by George Machlan posted on 28 April, 2010
I am beginning to organize my lesson modules for new VC (virtual classroom) tutorials. Can you tell me shich features are locked in. If they are finalized I can prepare those parts until such time as the rest are finalized.

These classes will not be to replace the official WizIQ demo's but I like to do indepth and casual classes by feature.
by Anindita Sengupta posted on 30 April, 2010
Will there be a demo class on how to use the new virtual class room on Sundays at 9.00PM(IST)? I would like to attend one.
by Jose Toro posted on 29 April, 2010
Hi Kapil,

I am interested in the demo, I understand today there is one scheduled. May I join in?

Jose Toro
by Kapil Mehta posted on 29 April, 2010
@Lori- It was a delight to see your interest. We will be personally sending over passes for the class. let me know will tomorrow be fine with you or we can speed it up for today. Thanks
by jayanthipillail lakshmi posted on 29 April, 2010
Eagerly waiting for the launching of the new VIRTUAL CLASS.
With All Regards to WIZIQ

by Marcus posted on 02 May, 2010
I tried the virtual classroom for the new version of WiZiQ. I think it's great that we can open the right side windows and move them around. Even better, we can adjust the size. This is exactly what I need.

One thing though. I think for students it might get confusing at times where to move this chat window. Before you make a final release and put it into action, I suggest you also have a "fixed" mode so the text chat window can be under the whiteboard for all students to start with. They can know that the teacher won't use that part of the white board, and if it is fixed it won't look like it is covering the whiteboard.

I am afraid students might put the chat window over an area on the whiteboard I am using to explain something. This could slow down the class and cause a great inconvenience. In another virtual classroom service they have "template" settings, so when you enter the classroom the windows are automatically adjusted to the teacher's settings. This way everyone is "on the same page". No windows are covering the whiteboard.

Everything else is a great addition. I look forward to using the new classroom in June or July.
by jiwanlal sharma posted on 29 April, 2010
hi I am waiting for new virtual classroom and the change is always better and interesting
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